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I’m shortly going to be heading off for a 6 week trip to the USA & UK. The USA part is purely for fun and to tick a couple of things off the bucket list.  The UK is part family visit and park tick things off bucket list and massive apology to my baby sister for not being able to get there for her wedding!

People who don’t know me well think I’ve been meticulously planning this trip for years and that every minute of every day is detailed down to per second calculations of what I will be doing.  The reality is vastly diffrent! I do NOT do futuristic planning ever.  I’ve had this “idea” that I’ll head off to the USA and UK for decades but I never actually planned it.  Then earlier this year I realised thanks to my FIFO job that I might have a very limited social life and dating was as likely to happen as hell freezing over but my travel account had a shit load of money in it.  So deciding I wanted to be in Salem-Marbelhead MA for Halloween I worked out some other things I wanted to do, tacked a visit to London on the end and booked a holiday.  I had no idea if work would let me have 6 weeks off and I’ll be truthful didn’t care, if they sacked me I’d get a new job when I got back.  Ok little confession I’ve never gone on holiday and come back to the same job, holidays are what I took between one contract end the next one starting.

Anyone reading Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating your going to know I’m single.  So this blog is about both the build up to and also my solo trip through the USA – UK.  Brutally honest tends to be my style so you’ll get to hear my view point on traveling solo as a 40 year old woman.

3 Responses to About This Blog

  1. I envy your bravery! I look forward to reading your posts.


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